Hoàn Khang's Gay Coming Out & Letter to Mother.

A sharing about Gay coming out by a Vietnamese guy from Hanoi. No intention to judge others as I believe everybody have their own opinion and I chose to be neutral when posting this article. So, how about yourself?

Recently, Hoàn Khang always post status in social media which mostly displayed some affection and intimation with another guy. Few days ago, in a a letter to mother "Thư gửi mẹ", Kang admitting that he is a gay guy. In Hanoi, be openly gay is still not a normal things and his coming out is really a shock. But then, there still many others who respect and giving support to his decision.

Since young, Kang had felt something different about himself. Sometimes, friend did teased and distracted him too. When internet start to boom in Vietnam, Khang have a chance to learn more about the "disease" which previously he not sure about it. Until one night, Khang dreamt about a "relationship" with a new guy and he was so panicked. Since then, Khang tried to be denial to himself, be with some girls and just act like normal.

Obviously, things were getting terrible. Khang couldn't deny anymore about himself and he is very sure that he is a gay man. On that time, Khang start to share with some friends but still not dare to be so open as people were still not very open to gay community. But slowly, Khang show to others about his real sexuality but still did not dare openly to confess.

So far, Khang had undergone 3 gay relationships but 2 of those didn't go anywhere as the partner have to get married. It is normal in many cases, even you are a homosexual, in real life you need to cover yourself or even still to get married and having children.

Khang get to know his current lover from social networking and they get to know each other more than 1 year ago and Khang is the one that starting the conversation with his lover, Phát . He was born on 1993, originally from Ho Chi Minh City and previously they keep in touch via Facebook.

According to Khang, when he tired from work, he can release himself while chatting with Phát over the night and it turned to be their daily habit. When Khang have work in Ho Chi Minh City, they will have opportunity to meet and spend time together. Phát is really a nice guy, attentive and lovely in Khang's eyes. Since small, Khang is very emotionally deprivation person.  Perhaps it was happened because he is the only child in the family and really close with his mother. When he in relationship with Phát and love from mother, Khang feels that his life has been completed.

After coming out, Khang feel relief and happy when everything turn to be better. Previously, for almost 6 months, he was struggling with his own emotion, and fighting about himself. Only then, he decided to live in real life, ending up his tiredness and coming out. The easiest was for him is to explain to his family and friends. Be Gay is not a Disease and Khang is a Human! Since he uploaded his affection photos on Facebook, people start to ask the reason of him doing so. But now, its all a relief when people in his surrounding knew his sexuality. Khang also wrote a letter to his mother to thanks and show his love to her which is will translate it soon (for sharing).

This is the Letter to Mother that Khang posted on facebook:

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