Day 3 Kota Kinabalu - Pasar Malam Sinsuran

Basically, it was our last night in Kota Kinbalu. Nothing much to do, We just planned to mingle again at the Todak Waterfront area to enjoy the sunset and having dinner at Pasar Malam Sinsuran (Sinsuran Night Market). Here are some photos during the sunset time which is really beautiful and peaceful.

Then, we walked to Pasar Malam Sinsuran for dinner. Hell yeah! There are so many foods here. It might be hard for you to choose as there are so many food stalls here. More than 20 vendors selling grilled chicken wings, fried foods, rice and local made snack. Besides there are vegetable, eggs and daily groceries needs can be found here too.

The first stall that we go sell local savories. There are 'kuih' for us to sample such as Bingka Kelapa, Lenggang, Pasung, Kuih Kelapa and many more. Trust me. Its never taste as good as you see. Not enough sugar and some have too much flour which had effected to the real taste of the foods. After taste the 'kuih', then I figure out that all those have a almost similar taste with 'Kuih' in Semenanjung, but come with a different kind of shapes. 

The only delicious thing at this 'kuih' stall was the Pisang Cucuk, Fried Banana with stewed stick and covered with brown sugar. It was very tasty. Only that suitable with lur taste bud.

Then we make another round at the night market to find our next catch. I used to eat Coto Makassar on last 7 years ago when I stay with my Sabahan housemate. Coto Makassar consisted of beef, beef fat, the stomach and some other parts. We found a stall sell this Coto Makassar and would love to try it. Oh ya, people enjoy this Coto Makassar with Burasak, a stuff rice like Ketupat which we normally will eat it during Hari Raya. The taste of the Coto Makassar was okay, not wow. We also ordered a plate of Fried Noodle to fill our stomach. Oh ya, please don't expect the food with same name in Sabah and Semenanjung can have similar taste. It can be a little bit different or in some places, very far different in terms of taste.

Since we are already full, we don't buy anything else and just take a short browse at the area before going back to our hotel room for resting.


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