Day 2 Kota Kinabalu: Salted Fish Market, Fried Mung Bean at Dah Hin Kartini & Another Laksa Yee Fung

After having a long time browsing at Pasar Besar Kota Kinabalu, we then walk to KK Plaza which is located at the opposite side of the market. Why? We need some fresh air from the mall's air conditioner and to withdraw more cash for us to spend.

After cooling ourself, we walk from KK Plaza and heading to the Salted Fish Market which is located about 200 meter from the Pasar Besar Kota Kinabalu. Here is the real deal. There are various kind and size of salted fish, dried squid, dried anchovies and dried shrimp.

How much does it cost? A kilogram of dried shrimp here is averagely RM35. But then, it is back to your negotiation power to get the bestest deal for the dried shrimp and salted fish here. I did some comparison earlier, the price for 1 kg of dried shrimp in Kuala Lumpur local/supermarket is in between RM48 to RM60. Meanwhile, a kilogram of dried shrimp in this Salted Fish Market is about RM20 to RM26, after price negotiation. At the end, I bought about 5 kg of dried shrimp, 1 kg Japanese anchovies and 1 kg of blue eye anchovies.

Oh ya! Next to this Salted Fish Market is a Pasar Kraftangan (Handicraft Market) where tourist can shop for souvenirs and local made products. One of the item that I think tourist can grab here is the local fresh water pearl which can come out in the form of necklace, brooch and other kind of women accessories. I just get a set of brooch for my mother and my mate Chris just get some fridge magnets for his managers at work.

Done with everything at Salted Fish Market, we walked to our hotel and leave our stuff before walking out again to get something to fill our stomach. If you still remember previously we went to Dah Hin Kartini Restaurant on the first day we in Kota Kinabalu. Here we come again to the restaurant but this time is to try out their Fried Banana and Fried Mung Bean.

The price is cheap, 6 pcs of Fried Banana is only RM1and a big size of the Fried Mung Bean is RM0.50. The Fried Banana is just like at other places. Maybe it is a little bit special when people are not easily can get fried banana in KK city centre area. As for the Fried Mung Bean, it is another version of Kuih Kasturi which widely can be found in Semenajung Malaysia. It taste almost the same as Kuih Kasturi except the skin of this Fried Mung Bean was made without lime stone powder.

Then, we walk again to Yee Fung Restaurant for another bowl of their amazing laksa before going back to our hotel for napping. In my next article, I will share about our evening activities and chilling at a cafe without any wifi password for their customers.


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