Day 2 Kota Kinabalu: Night Out, Party & Play

We don't have so much story for our second night in Kota Kinabalu. We try out a new place for dinner. Just a simple restaurant on the street. I had fried chicken and Chris had fried fish for dinner. FYI, the fish is expensive (for local too). When we ask, the lady said the the price was as per instructed by her boss. Its is fine. We were hungry and need to fed ourselves.

Then we chilled at Todak Waterfront before walking to KK Plaza to buy material for BBQ-ing the next day. Well, those charcoal and instant BBQ pit was damn cheap. Oh ya! We also bought some additional underwear too. Hahaha... travelling will need more new underwear as you will get sweaty.

Then, we walk back to our hotel. The Chinese New Year Night Market was still there. But we are more thrill to drop by to a place with named Party Play Lifestyle Cafe.

The first reason why we drop by to this cafe is because of their 30% OFF discount for cakes/dessert after 9pm. Besides, the guy stuff here are very friendly which make you really comfortable to chill and listening to music after long day walking activities.

So, we order a slice of delicious Red Velvet Cake and a glass of Latte. More about this cafe, they do serve pasta and pizza too. If you are familiar with Atkinson dietary, they do serve their customers with the Atkinson dietary menu on selected day.

Customer crowd, mostly youngster. Oh ya! I love their bar area too. The overall industrial interior decor, their high ceiling, metal chairs and wood furniture really something that match with my self preference as a place to hang out. I suggest, tourist to Kota Kinabalu and if you are staying at the backpacker area of Gaya Street, this Party & Play Lifestyle Cafe is a place that you all should pay a visit. But remember, there are no wifi password for customers here. Just FYI man!


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