Bali Day 3: My Poor Stay at Grand Istana Rama Hotel, Kuta, Bali

Hello everyone. It has been awhile and this posting is about my 3rd day travelling in Bali, Indonesia. We woke up a bit late on that day because the night before, we were hang out until 2.00am at Dyana Pura street. So, after breakfast and a short swimming in the pool, we pack our things and check ou
t from the New Pondok Sara Villa with a very heavy heart. Oh! How could I leave such a nice place with comfy bed and chilling pool right?

The distance from New Pondok Sara Villa to our next hotel, Grand Istana Rama is about 30 minutes travel by taxi. I think it is easy to travel by taxi in Bali, as long as your timing is good. Travel on mid afternoon normally will resulted you to stuck in bad traffic of Bali mainroads. Like us, 10am is just a nice time to make a move.

About Grand Istana Rama Hotel, this is a 4 stars hotel and it is located at Jalan Pantai Kuta. In another word, this hotel is exactly at the famous Kuta Beach which is just a stone throw away from the hotel. Since we arrive early at 11.00am, we only can register and need to wait until 2.00pm for check in to our room. 

But that is fine, because we decided to put our bag at the concierge and take a look on the things around Kuta area. I will share about my wandering experience later. But now, let me share about our room in Grand Istana Rama Hotel.... hahaha... I sound so serious isn't it?

I personally think that this hotel is old. I mean, really old and old (again). My not fun feeling started since I arrived to the hotel. The front office staff are beautiful, but too bad because the smile look so plastic. In another word, I don't think that they are warm to guest. This is far different compared to all staff at New Pondok Sara Villa which is superbly helpful, warm and understanding.

After we received our key around 2.30pm (which is 30 minutes later than expected time), the bellman brought us to our room with number 602. Basically this Grand Istana Rama Hotel was comprised of 3 story building and you room can be at ground, middle or upper floor. Our room was at middle floor and luckily the strong hand bellman helped us to curry our luggage.  

Our bed experience continued once we stepped inside our room. The antique smell greeted us and the lighting here was so poor. The room is just enough with a queen size bed, side tables, and two old style chairs. We do have a balcony, but I am sure no one will sit there because of two reasons; there might be mozzies if you sit there for long and nothing to see as this unit is not facing the sea. The TV? As expected, there is no time to dream for a flat screen here. 

The worst part actually is the toilet. The tiles colour, stain, bad smell (maybe because of air ventilation problem) really made me judge this place as the worst 4 stars hotel ever so far in my life.

Even-though this hotel is bed, there are still 2 good factors which made us to stay here. The location is really strategic at Kuta Beach and the mattress was really comfy. After long day outside, this is what we need, a good sleep on a comfy bed. Other than these, all were KO in our judgement about this hotel.   

Our conclusion, this hotel is just not suitable for honeymoon-maker or for someone who are very particular on good facilities and services. It is just okay if you will spend most of your time outside and just go back to hotel to sleep. Last but not least, if you can take a very old style of bathroom with stains, you can stay here. 

Last but not least, lets judge this face. Is he happy or angry? Hahaha...


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