A "Just Okay" Dinner at Imperial Chakri Palace, Pavilion KL

Today I am suddenly craving for Pad Thai. Maybe it is because of seeing most of my friends now in going to Bangkok to celebrate Songkran over the weekend. So that, they did posting a lot of photos including this Pad Thai photo. Well, basically Pad Thai is a Thai style fried flat noodle with prawn, dried shrimp, peanuts and Thai special paste.

So, I browse for Thai restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and search if they sell Pad Thai in their outlet. There are few Thai restaurants in town but unluckily it is not convenience to go there by public transport. Then, I discovered that Groupon Malaysia have a promotion 'buy RM15 voucher for RM30 spending and buy RM30 voucher for RM70 spending. So, without any delay, I do my reservation followed by buying the Groupon voucher and this is just to fulfill my craving for Pad Thai today.


So, how was the foods in Imperial Chakri Palace? Is it good? Well, overall I would say that the foods in this restaurant is just okay. Maybe because I used to work with a Thai restaurant when living in Ho Chi Minh City, and from my experience, the restaurant served the most authentic Thai foods that I ever had in my life.

For the appetizer, I ordered Som Tam or I should describe it as Sour & Spicy Papaya Salad and I request the spiciness level for my Som Tam should be less spicy. Our Som Tam came in a good portion and actually it is just okay. It would taste better if they add more dried shrimps and ground nuts. Anyway, it is still fine.   

Then, we orderd Seafood Tomyam, and again it is not up to my expectation. Perhaps, they don't add enough kaffir leaves and lemongrass, so, the taste is not as strong as I expected for a Thai Tomyam. 

Next, I love to highlight about my Pad Thai, It was OK for me. The dish is a bit wet, but actually I am expecting a dry version of Pad Thai. If they add more fish sauce and extra dried shrimp, the Pad Thai will definitely will be my favorite. I think the business owner should taste again the foods in the restaurant. It is not fusion, but not an authentic Thai foods. Just wonder if I order other foods which is might be more expensive, I will feel like wasting because I am paying for something that not up to standard as a classy restaurant in the Pavilion.

As for drink, our Thai Ice Milk Tea seems like don't have enough sugar or milk. But it is okay for me, as I am cutting my sugar consuming. 

Last but not least, I ordered Mango with Sticky Rice for dessert and again, the serving come with a plate of disappointment. The sticky rice is too hard, maybe because it was early prepared and uncovered. SO, it turned to be hard. Then the mango is too ripe, and the coconut milk was served too little as a dipping.

So, I shall conclude that my dining experience in Imperial Chakri Palace, Pavilion is just a normal dinner with nothing to shout out. If without Groupon, my total spending for such below par dishes will be RM127. Thanks for the RM70 voucher from groupon, I don't feel so much lost. Will I come back to Imperial Chakri Palace, Pavilion? I am definitely nope. 


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