Bali Day 3: A Doing Nothing Afternoon [Short Entry]

If you read about my previous article, we only can get into our room after 2.00pm. It was still early and we decided to do few hours walk in Kuta area, specially to find money changer and to find something for lunch. Even-though its early noon, the sun was really burning. We discovered that it was hard to find local stall along our way because this is the centre area for tourist in Bali, and everything can be expensive according to our budget.

Finally, we decided to have a local lunch at a "look local" restaurant not really far from our restaurant. Yes, this restaurant is by local, but if I compare the price for similar lunch as the day before, this is 3 times higher. But it was fine. Chris said that the foods here are delicious and I am agreed with him.

Finished lunch, we plan to have short walk at Kuta Beach, but seriously, its only last for least that 15 minutes. The weather was so hot, the sky was beautifully blue, and the soft wind blowing our face make us sleepy. So, we finally decided to go to hotel and wait until 2.00pm for checking in. We did nothing for the whole afternoon because the weather was just killing us... too hot and too humid. 


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