Bali Day 2: The Sunset and Lovely Evening at Seminyak Beach

It has been 4 weeks since the day I went to Bali for my mate's birthday. If previously I wrote about my 2nd day activity in Bali from morning until afternoon, now I will write about my evening and midnight activities while in Seminyak.

After coming back from sightseeing in Seminyak, we go back to New Pondok Sara Villa around 2.00 pm and really exhausted after almost 4 hours walking. Then, we had a long nap until 5.30 pm until we almost missed our plan to shoot the sunset view at Seminyak Beach. So, we were rushing walk to the beach which is located about 15 minutes from our villa.

Luckily we arrived on time and the sunset view at Seminyak beach was so spectacular. There are local guys playing beach football, kids running here and there, people taking selfies and couple walk hand in hand which enjoying the romantic feeling at the beach. For me, Seminyak beach is a super nice place for chillaxing.

Other than the romantic feeling along the Seminyak beach, there are many beach front lounge and bars along the beach which is really cool. Just imagine you sipping a glass of cocktail, lazying on the bean bag and enjoying the sunset moment with your love one. Besides, you also can enjoy the live music here and trust me, the song selection really nicely blend with the environment of this place.

Well, we didn't go to the beach front lounge here because our stomach had singing for foods. Furthermore, we want to save money and will spend it later for a nice expensive dinner in Jimbaran on the 4th day in Bali later.

So, when talking about my hungry stomach, my intention is actually to hunt for cheap but delicious local food here. But then, since we stay in Seminyak which is considered as a tourist place, eat like local for dinner is kind of hard because most of the eating places here are for tourist or practically I will say for the White. 

But then remember in the afternoon, we bought some cooking paste in Bintang Supermarket and we have a complete kitchen in our villa? So, we decided to sample some of the ingredientsfor dinner and we shall grab more of those if it is delicious. Beforehand, we need to come back to Bintang Supermarket again to grab boneless chicken, coconut milk and lettuce to complete our cooking ingredient of the night.

Immediate after arriving to our villa, without any delay we swiftly cut our chicken, turn on fire, pouring the paste, mix everything well and wallah! our dinner is ready. I did sampled the Ayam Rujak Pedas paste, Opor Ayam paste and since we don't have rice, we changed it to porridge from Super Bubur brand. Hell yeah, instant paste really make our life easy.

So, my personal advise is, if you travel to Indonesia, try to spend few hours in supermarket to discover local foods ingredients or paste because I'm pretty sure, you will love it and have an authentic taste of Indonesian food when you go back to your country. Well, this is also one of the souvenir that I gave to my mates in Malaysia instead of giving them key chain or whatsoever.

The only thing that I regret is I suppose to buy checkin luggage when booking my flight ticket before and so that I can buy more instant paste to bring home. But its okay. Bali... I will come again to you for more cooking paste.   


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