Up-close and Personal with Stephano Starkel of www.saigon2muine.com

It was a very beautiful Sunday morning at Sea Lion Beach Resort & Spa, Mui Ne when I meet Stephano, the founder of www.saigon2muine.com. He is a very ambitious Italian young man who lived in Mui Ne since 5 years ago after consecutive years in Thailand and Egypt. 

Photo: Me and Stefano Starkel at swimming pool of Sea Lion Beach Resort & Spa, Mui Ne
Can u share with us about what makes you come and stay in Vietnam?
I used to stay in Egypt, Thailand and a short time living in Australia before coming to Vietnam. I can say that the cost of living in Vietnam or particularly very affordable and working opportunities makes me decided to stay in this country. I'm working for Sankara Kite Surfing Academy Centre for 3 years before founding my own transportation services business called as Saigon2Muine.com

Can u tell us more about Saigon2Muine.com?
Well, the idea of doing www.saigon2muine.com starts when I work for the surfing academy. Many of my students or clients asked about transportation advice from Ho Chi Minh City to Mui Ne. This is a good business sign to me and finally i decided to commercialize these business inquiries.

Our services is suitable for personal, family, couple or group of 45 people.Besides, we also provide a licensed and insured passenger transportation services, safe, English or Vietnamese speaking driver and also very affordable pricing. 

Besides Saigon to Mui Ne, we also have other Door to Door Services to other destination such as Dalat- Saigon, Dalat - Nha Trang, Vung Tau - Saigon and many other destinations. 

How can customers can do their booking?
First of all, go to our website at www.saigon2muine.com and fill up our online booking form. The booking confirmation will be sent to you within 24 hours time.

Before we finish, can you share with us about your personal living, leisure activities or hobbies while living in Mui Ne?
As now I am involving in business,I sometimes spend my time to read about business studies to enrich my knowledge and skills. As an Italiano, we always believe in spreading love by food and of course, I enjoy home cooking so much. Over the weekend, I normally will spend my time to dine out at fine restaurants or bars with friends to release and relax myself. 

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