The "Lost in Time" of Cherating, Pahang, Malaysia

Cherating is located in the border of Kuantan and Terengganu, the East Coastal part of Peninsular Malaysia. Along the way from Kuantan town to Cherating, you will enjoy the stunning view of fishing villages, beautiful shores, coconut trees and typical Malay daily activities.

Street coconut and Otak-Otak (local grilled snack) seller at Kuantan - Terengganu road
To-date, Cherating beach still a popular holiday spot among Malaysian to spend public holiday or weekend with family and friends. There are numbers of three and four stars hotel in Cherating besides a reasonable guesthouse for you to choose. Due to public transportation difficulties in Cherating, it is a good idea to stay in a resort with all in house services such as restaurant, recreation facilities and beach activities.

Looking for more adventures, you may choose to stay at any guesthouse is which located along the main road of Cherating beach. Most of the guesthouse normally are integrated with a restaurant business with selection of Malay food and basic western dishes. Guesthouse normally will cost you around MYR40 to MYR60 for one night stay and it will be cheaper if you choose to stay in a fan-only room.

The airy hotel lobby of Impiana Resort Cherating, Kuantan
At the hotel lobby of Impiana Cherating Resort, Kuantan

Resorts in Cherating

Guest House in Cherating

What else to do in Cherating?

Besides lazying on the beach, you can inquire from your hotel operator for other activities such as kayaking, monkey spotting, exploring fishing village and fishing trip. 

You also should explore the varieties of local Malay foods such as Sata, Otak-Otak and Keropok Lekor. This dish is cheaper than other places and can easily found in Cherating.

Local snack, Sata
Enjoying seafood at local Malay food stall for dinner


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