Quick Escape at Kapas Island, Malaysia.

If you plan to go to Kuala Terengganu from Kuala Lumpur, you may choose to stay for one night at Kapas Island in Marang, 24 kilometres from Kuala Terengganu.”Kapas” or cotton in Malay is referring to the island itself which is covered with pure white beaches as the trademark for the island itself. The distance from Marang’s jetty to Kapas Island is about 5 kilometres or 15 minutes journey by speed boat.


It is good to get to know about Marang city. This is the place where you can get your food stuff in case you mind to pay for “island goods price”. Basically, Marang city is a combination of fishing villages and turn to be a favourite stopover for travellers to East Coast Malaysia. There are numbers of Malay restaurants nearby the Marang Jetty. If you arrive on Sunday evening, there is a night market which is started around 3.00pm next to Marang Bus Station or 100meter from the jetty. You can get various of Malay food  in the market such as Nasi Dagang (local rice specialty), Sata, grilled chicken and Malay traditional desserts.

Boat Jetty at Marang town
Nusantara Hostel is located opposite to the jetty is one of the “nothing to expect” hotel in case u just need a place to rest before continuing your journey to north east coast.

Zooming to Kapas Island

Well, I personally suggest visitors to buy ready foods on the mainland before departing to Kapas Island. Junk foods and water may slightly more expensive on the island.

Me on the boat before transfer to Kapas Island
There are numbers of boat providers in Marang Jetty to transfer you to the island. The ticket for slow boat will cost you RM15 and speed boat is RM25. Remember, you also need to plan for the pick-up time from the island as well.
Most of the resorts in Kapas Island will close during monsoon season starts from November to March every year.

Where to stay?

The only budget accommodation in Kapas Island is the Lighthouse with price RM20 to RM40 for one night. Other ranges normally will cost you between RM50 to RM150 for one night stay.

The Lighthouse (Captain’s Longhouse)
Contact Number: +6012.3770214

Other options:

  • Duta Puri Island Resort
  • Makcik Gemuk Resort
  • Kapas Coral Garden
  • Qimi Chalet
  • Kapas Turtle Valley

You may google for travel agencies in Kuala Terengganu or Kuala Lumpur to assist your accommodation needs in Kapas Island.

What to do?

The crystal clear sea water at Kapas Island is really good for snorkelling activity.  There are some good snorkelling spots in Kapas Island. The best place to do snorkelling is in between Kapas Island and Gemia Island. If you don’t have any snorkelling tools, you may rent it from your resort operator. In fact, sometimes you can do snorkelling right in front of your resort too. You can see sea urchins, sea cucumbers, angel fish, cuttlefish and many other beautiful sea creatures too.

Foods on Island

Normally resorts will provide food and beverages in their restaurant. Optionally, you may walk slightly further to the jetty area and you can find Malay food stall with ready to cook dishes such as fried noodle and fried rice.

Overall, Kapas Island is a very good place for a peaceful short holiday. All you can do is switching off your devices, lazying on the beach and enjoying the coral view during snorkelling.


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