Backpacking in Style, No Bare foot please!!!

I love to travel. When spending time touring by bus, or sipping coffee at side walk cafes, I like to see other backpacker’s attire particularly their grooming while travelling.

I always see many travellers didn’t care about their foot when travelling. Dry skin, untrimmed toenails, and bare foot are always a common scene when travelling in South East Asia.

Me and travel friend in front of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Feet Caring Tips

Boys and girls, lets travel in style and clean foot will make you healthier and feel better. Whenever you travel in South East Asia, there are many foot spa and massage available for you to choose in backpacker areas with reasonable price. Besides, you can do your own pedicure at home such as trimming your toenails and exfoliating the dead skin. The best practise to remove dead skin on your toe is when your skin is dry. NEVER let someone else to cut any part of your foot skin or even worst by using razor. This can cause serious foot injury which will make your travelling inconvenience.
  • Wash  your foot daily with warm water and soft soap. Don’t forget to dry it well especially in between the toe nails.
  • Use foot lotion or foot cream to ensure your foot skin smooth and well exfoliated especially at your heels and big toes. Watch out if there are any crack on your foot as the skin is very open to foot disease
  • NEVER walk barefoot. I always see foreigner/traveller really like to bare foot especially in hotel, pedestrian walk and bus. This is a big NO!!! Other than cleanliness factor, bare foot will open your foot skin to contraction with fungus.
  • Don't let your foot too cold and too hot, especially when you sleep.
  • When choosing a summer shoes or sandal, you need to choose shoes with bigger toe box with arch support to avoid your foot rolling when you walking.
  • When travelling, your foot care kit should consist of bandage, nail file, nail clippers, scissors, foot lotion and antibiotic cream.

Precaution while travelling by plane

Some people might have foot ache or swelling especially when taking a long journey flight. The preventive idea to reduce this problem is by avoiding salt consuming and wearing a support sock if needed. Don’t sit too long. You need to get up from your sit and walk around to avoid your foot swelling. You also need to flex and stretch your feet and ankle or raise your knee higher if your space allows you to do so.


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