About Me

M.R.Danial was born on 29th April 1985 in Batu Pahat, a small district in Johor, Malaysia. He was born in a very moderate family as the first son of four  siblings, a father and mother. 

His passion in writing started since he was in secondary school when he actively participated in various curriculum activities such as national debate, speech competition, public speaking, forum competition and many more. During his school time, he spent a lot of money to buy books and magazines in order to fulfill his hunger to gain knowledge as online reading source are really limited during the time.

After graduated, his career started as a Human Resource practitioner for a very well-know Japanese retailer, AEON Co., Malaysia Berhad and during the time, writing is not a promising job in especially South East Asia. One year after the service, he resigned and travelled around the Asia before finally decided to stay in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam and attached with various industries such as real estate, tourism & hospitality and food & beverages.

When he get a chance to be a writer, he never look back and started his career as a freelance blog writer for an online journal moderator based in Ho Chi Minh City. Since then, he actively market himself as a sales writer and reviewer for hotel, restaurant or interesting places. Besides, he also doing social writing with aim to create awareness or information sharing about Vietnamese culture, current news or the people. 

Now, he is a travel writer, content writer, a blogger, reviewer and a rephraser. He always believe that a writer should write with integrity instead of giving false information or politically bias. 

His dream is to be one of the most influential writer in Asia when every words written by him will get 100% attention from his followers. He write to inspire, he write with integrity

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