Memorable Kisses in Vietnam

When you go for a date with someone, the first kiss is always an important matter and we always want to remember it. It can be teenagers who will experience their first ever kiss in their life or for someone who had seen somebody and looking forward for first kiss in the relationship.
Every first kiss will give an impact to the individual. If you are a good kisser, it will always be in the couple’s memory. If it is badly done, emotionally you will turn down your sweetheart. All you need to do is calm down and look for less crowded places for your first kiss. At least, the crowd won’t make you nervous and your first kiss may be more memorable.
Where you should go for your first kiss? Here are some places which can very spontaneous but mesmerizing.
Blanchy's Tash, Ho Chi Minh City. Photo:

In a party with dimmed light, R&B Music and both of you dancing

Going to Blanchy’s Tash at Hai Ba Trung street and get some cocktails to start your night. Blanchy’s is very classy and such a perfect place if you are seeking for a memorable place for your first kiss. Most of the crowd are professional Vietnamese and expatriates and everybody are just minding their own business. You won’t get nervous with your first kiss here.

After a romantic dinner, in the restaurant, yard or parking area

The environment at Monsoon Bar & Restaurant in Cao Ba Nha, District 1 is very suitable if you are looking for a romantic ambiance. After having authentic Asian cuisine combined with your wine of choice, take a slow walk at the front yard with your love or maybe you can sit together on the bench provided. Express your love and your first kiss can start from there.

Sunset walk on the beach

Nha Trang beach is always a top choice for honeymoon makers. The same thing is applied for lovers; you may arrange a romantic trip to this beach city and spend a lovely evening by walking on the beach side. Hand in hand and enjoying the sea breeze, your first kiss will be meaningful combined with the beautiful evening silhouette.

By a campfire

Organize a trip to Madagui Forest at Lamdong Province. This forest resort is located 4 hours from Ho Chi Minh City or halfway before Dalat City. The resort is popular during summer in , and it has all your needs such as chalet, tent renting, campfire and restaurant. Night time in the forestry can be very chilly. You may sit together with your love, talking and get to know each other. Share a blanket together and let the love sparks fly!

Empty Stage after Concert or Theater play

This might be very thrilling for you, but very mesmerizing. Be the last to leave the theater hall and do your first kiss in this memorial place. Hanoi Opera House and HCMC Opera House will be your prime selection for your memorable kiss.

In the rain, anywhere easy for you to remember the place

When its raining and you are somewhere nearby Dong Khoi and Le Loi of District 1, take your lover’s hand to this corner. You are standing in front of Louis Vuitton boutique at Opera View Building, with Caravelle Hotel opposite and significant Opera House at another corner, your first kiss will be very unique because you are standing on one of the famous streets in Ho Chi Minh City. If you are in Hanoi, go around Metropole Hotel for the same feel.
Chill Skybar, AB Tower, Ho Chi Minh City

Balcony of your house or rooftop bar

They are many rooftop bars in town and Chill Bar on top of AB Tower which you can consider to have your first kiss. The bar was designed by the same designer of Scirocco Sky bar in Thailand and the open bar concept will let you enjoy the music, feel the windy atmosphere and observing the terrific view of Saigon from this skyscraper. Your first kiss here will be very memorable at one of the highest bars in town.

In the woods or trails

If both of you are adventure seekers, go for a nature trail trip. Arrange a short trip to Dalat City and take a private nature walk to LangBiang Mountain. Along the trail side, you can observe birds, and also old trees. You may have a tour guide to assist you, or optionally, you can trail by yourself. While resting in the middle of your walk, the first kiss can naturally spark in nature.

On the deck or bridge

One of the most spectacular views of Ho Chi Minh City is when you are standing on Thu Thiem Bridge which is next to Saigon Pearl Apartment. Take a ride with your love to this bridge during a lovely evening and stop at the centre of this bridge. There are many Vietnamese young couples who go to this bridge in the evening to enjoy the cool breeze from the river and spend time with their loved one.

Thu Thiem bridge with Saigon's spectacular view. Photo by Panda Ngo on Flickr
Wherever your first kiss is, always remember to control your hormones and make sure your first kiss did not bring you into a make out. It is far too easy to let things get out of control.By controlling yourself, your first kiss will be continued to another spark in near future.
How about your first kiss? Please share with us.
This article was published in The Vietnam Guide on August 22, 2012


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