Backpacking in Vietnam: How much do you need to bring for your 10 Days trip?

Sometimes you are not sure about how much you should bring for your Vietnam backpacking trip. You might think that everything is cheap in Vietnam, but since the petrol rise and positive economy, everything is no more as cheap as your imagination. If you choose a medium range of backpacking trip, you are expected to spend around USD 50 to USD 70 per day. This is including your accommodations, food and other tour needs. However, you may squeeze your budget to USD 25 per day and it’s still reliable for budget concerned travelers. Travelers also need to remember that things might be more expensive in north cities of Vietnam.


The most popular budget accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City is at Pham Ngu Lao Street, along the way to Bui Vien and De Tham Street. A one night deluxe room will cost around USD 15 to USD 25 per night. If you are seeking for a medium range of accommodation, you may search for hotel nearby the famous Ben Thanh Market with price around USD 35 to USD 60 for one night. Optionally, you may browse for hostels at backpacker area with starting price around USD 5 per bed. When choosing to stay in hostel, you need to be extra careful with your personal belonging and do not leave your valuable items unattended.

Transportation in Vietnam

Taxi is the most convenient transportation when traveling in Vietnam. You are expected to pay around VND 11,000 per km and remember to use taxi from legitimate taxi provider such as Vinasun, Mai Linh taxi and Saigon Tourist taxi to avoid any scam. Optionally, you may use motorbike taxi or locally called as “Xe Om” Using “Xe Om” is relatively 50% cheaper than using a taxi. You are expected to pay about VND 5000 per km and this is solely depends on your negotiation skill as well. If you did not get your desired price, go ahead to another driver for a better deal.
If you are doing inter province traveling, you may choose either bus or train with price starts from USD 5 to USD 60 depending on the location you are heading to. You also can book a domestic flight to a major tourism city with price around USD60 up to USD150. Local providers such as Vietnam Airlines, Mekong Air and Vietjet Air always offer a good deal for travelers.

Food Expenses

Local food in Vietnam will cost between USD1 to USD5 each. You are expected to spend around USD10 to USD20 for lunch and dinner and breakfast will cost around USD5 for coffee and American breakfast. You will be lucky if your hotel does provide complimentary breakfast during your stay.

Local Tour Expenses

Most of local attractions will require you to pay for a ticket. The entrance fees can start from USD 0.50 (Zoo in Ho Chi Minh City) up to USD 5 for other places. When you are buying souvenirs, you are expected to spend around USD2 to USD10 per merchandise and do not forget to bargain for a better deal.

Result: How much do you need to bring?

You are expected to spend at least USD700 for your 10 days trip in Vietnam exclude your flight ticket and over shopping. Bargaining is fun while shopping here and be extra careful with tourist scams.
This article was published in The Vietnam Guide on August 12, 2012


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