Get to Know the Door of Mekong Region – My Tho City

My Tho city is a provincial province of Tien Giang province. The city is categorized under Grade II in Tien Giang province by the Prime Minister on 7th October 2005. Located at the lower north shore of Tien River, eastern and northern of Cho Gao district, west side of Chau Thanh district and Ben Tre Island at the south part, this city consisted of 11 wards and 4 communes with population of 220,000 people.

History of My Tho

The city was founded on early 1680s by Chinese refugees from Taiwan and rapidly grew from a traditional gateway for people to Mekong delta to an economic hub-city. In the 17th century, My Tho city is very popular in the south besides the port city of Bien Hoa. The city became more prosperous during French colonization supported by the increasing numbers of immigrants from Teochew and Minnan.

Economy Activities in My Tho

Since the early era of My Tho until now, core economic activities in My Tho are tourism products, fishing and agricultural products. Bananas, coconut and longan are easily can be found in the city. Besides that, My Tho city is the biggest producer of dried fish and other seafood products from Mekong region. On year 2010, there are 17 markets located in wards and commune in My Tho.
Besides agriculture, other industries such as construction and trading had contributed more than 50% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of My Tho City.

How to Get Here?

You may take 2 hours bus journey from Cho Lon Bus Station or Mien Tay Bus Station and the bus will stop at My Tho Bus Station, which is located few kilometres from the central of My Tho. You also may take a motorbike ride from Ho Chi Minh City and you will have chance to enjoy the beautiful sceneries or rivers and paddy field all the way from Long An province to My Tho City.
The easiest, take a daily trip organized by travel agencies such as The Sinh Tourist and enjoy their full board tour package.

Visiting My Tho

There are some activities that you can do while visiting My Tho City. Most of visitors come to My Tho to take a riverboat tour across to Ben Tre Island. You may book your river-boat tour at Tien Giang Tourist at No.8 Street 30/4, My Tho City. There are many packages available with great activities such as visiting coconut candy factory, visiting honey bee farm, enjoying local fruits in the orchid, dining authentic Vietnamese cuisine while listening to Vietnamese folk songs and many more. For easy visitors from Ho Chi Minh City, they may book their trip from travel agencies in Ho Chi Minh City with price between VND 190,000 to VND 220,000 per person which normally consisted of entrance ticket, boat tickets, lunch, and tour guide services.
My Tho 7 Get to Know the Door of Mekong Region – My Tho City
If you plan to stay overnight in My Tho City, that is mean you will have more time to explore the city. This city is walk able for visitors. Many years ago, there are many trees along the streets in My Tho, but because of modernization needs, the government need to widen up the streets and all big trees were chopped down. Walking trip in My Tho is a very interesting moment when you can see how local people enjoy their daily life with their business activities, enjoying local food such as Hu Tieu My Tho and incredible Hu Tieu Sate (which is only available in My Tho City) and many more authentic local dishes. In your walking trip, don’t forget to drop by to My Tho Central Market at Trang Trac Street and Nguyen Hue Street. Mostly they sell everything here from foods, fruits, and poultries to clothing. Some merchants sell their products on the street which sometimes will make the traffic at this area congested. Even the government had developed a three storey market to relocate those merchants, high taxes and rental makes them feel more affordable to continue their business on the street. As a result, the second and third floor of the new market is remaining empty until now.
Wake up early in the morning and walk around the lake at Tet Mau Nhan Street and Yersin Street will let you enjoying the fresh air and next you can enjoy coffees on the sidewalk coffee shop facing to the lake too.
While leaving My Tho City back to Ho Chi Minh City, you may stop at Mekong Rest Stop which is located 8 kilometres from the city. There is a comfortable toilet here, in case u didn’t get a good one in My Tho for your “natures call”, Vietnamese Restaurant, art gallery and snack shops. If you love to take photos, this place is so charming with lotus in the pond, beautiful garden, and the build up or highland style and communal houses of Vietnamese people.
Overall, visiting My Tho is another great escape over the weekend if you already get bored with Vung Tau or other districts. It is very cheap to spend time in here. Mostly for food and travelling in this city is very convenient with numbers of cabs and motorbike taxi “Xe Om” is everywhere.
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This article was published in The Vietnam Guide on August 3, 2012 


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