International Landing in Vietnam 2012/2013

1992, the first year Singapore Air landing to Vietnam. Photo by
If you want to confess about the numbers of international tourists in and out from Vietnam, you can count on how many daily takeoffs and landings from Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City and Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi.

The earliest international airlines that flying directly to Vietnam were Singapore Airlines, Air France, Thai Airways and Lufthansa from Germany. In 2004, United Airlines came to Vietnam and making the trip from Vietnam to America easier. Every year, there are millions of overseas Vietnamese coming to Vietnam to visit family, business and also leisure.
Out from 6,000,000 international tourists that came to Vietnam last year, 80% of them arrived by air transportation. The opening of Danang International Airport had encouraged international landings from Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and even Russia. From June this year, Emirates has been officially landing at Ho Chi Minh City with a group of foreign journalists to celebrate their first non-stop flight to Vietnam. This is really a good chance for our Vietnamese economy to be exposed with investors from the Middle East, Africa and Europe.
Soon in 2013, Etihad will be officially land in Vietnam with a nonstop flight from Vietnam to Abu Dhabi and there are some rumors say that Saudi Arabia Airlines will follow the Etihad line. Besides, there are many other international airlines still under queue such as Jeju Air from South Korea, Air Hong Kong., Kazakhstan’s Air Astana, Air China and Finland’s Finnair. Qatar Airways currently flying to Vietnam with four times weekly with transit in Bangkok, Thailand. This year also had welcomed Turkish Airlines with a direct flight from Vietnam to Turkey.

The future is Here

The Vietnamese aviation industry had grown around 14 percent in 2011 and according to International the Air Transport Association; Vietnam will be in 3rd place after China and Brazil as the fastest growing commercial aviation market. The Civil Administration of Vietnam had estimated around 34 to 36 million passengers will come to Vietnam in 2013 and the number will increase between 52 to 59 million passengers by 2019.
Besides, the joint venture between giant airline companies, United Continental Holding with All Nippon Airways (ANA) had given more option for Vietnamese, tourist and business travelers to travel from South East Asia to America. Now, passengers can choose to fly to America from either from Hong Kong, Tokyo or by transfer from both carriers.
With more collaboration and positive economic stability in this country, international investors will feel confident to invest in this country and creating more job opportunities to the citizens of Vietnam. In the meantime, it will be an effect to the positive aviation business and creating more demand in future.
This article was published in The Vietnam Guide on September 13, 2012


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