Tomyam Kelapa Special (Special Coconut Tomyam) at Jalan Helang, Puchong Jaya

I love tom yam and I know many others out there love to eat tom yam too. If you are living in Malaysia, tom yam can be found at almost everywhere. From famous Thai food outlet, food court and street stall.

What so good about tom yam? For me, I love the clear broth, the spiciness and the freshness of the ingredients. In some articles that I previously read said that tom yam is good to heal flu, fever and for detoxification. So why need to pay so expensive when you get fever if you can sip a big bowl of tom yam soup right? Or you purposely wanna get MC from doctor the next day. Hahaha

Okaylah. Before I'm talking rubbish, let me straight to the topic of my 1st entry for October month. 

My housemate love tom yam too. That day I am so lazy to cook. So, I recalled that there is a row of Malay stalls located at Jalan Helang in Puchong Jaya. I told Chris that maybe we should check the place since the best tom yam should be made by Malay Kelantanese/Siamese (which is where the stall located).

First time here, there are 5 or 6 other stalls here. But I am more interested with a stall with big signage JR Tom Yam Seafood with main menu, Tom Yam Kelapa Special (Special Coconut Tom yam). 

Without any hesitation, we ordered the a serving of Special Coconut Tom Yam, 2 servings of extra spicy Kampung Fried Rice and omelette.

The food be served to our table in less than 15 minutes and we are very exited to look what is inside that 'coconut tomyam bowl'. Purely seafoods with prawns and squid. To make it special, there are some scrapped coconut flesh at the bottom of the coconut tom yam bowl. I love it, and my housemate love it too. Love the spiciness, the sweetness and the freshness of tom yam broth. I just hoping to have a bigger size of prawn for this tom yam dish since the price is RM12. But its okay. This is a good start actually. Me and my housemate are very eager to check other tom yam at other places in near future.

Oh ya. How about the Kampung Fried Rice? I love the crispiness of the dried anchovies in the fried rice. It makes the fried rice authentic and really tasty. 


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