Get Impressed with the Impressed, Nu Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

I was at La Juiceria on last July to try their cold pressed juice. If you want to know what is cold pressed juice? please go ahead to my previous entry about it. 

Me and my housemate were on our way to Bukit Bintang and we dropped by to Nu Sentral before hopping to KL Monorail to continue our journey. Then, my housemate were pointing to the La Juiceria and suggesting for Cold Pressed Juice to cool down ourselves during the heat of the hazy KL. 

But then, I remembered my ex-colleague whom currently working in Nu Sentral management office told me that there is a Bumiputra own Cold Pressed Jucie outlet located at the same floor which called Impressed. So, we change our mind from La Juiceria to Impressed. 

Impressed do serve limited choice of Cold Pressed Juice, but I love the simplicity on the menu. The staff suggested to us to take I4 in the juice menu which is consisted of watermelon, carrot, orange, green apple & pineapple. The stated benefit was anti inflammatory, to lower the cholesterol level and hydrating.

For another bottle, the staff suggested to get I1 which consisted of green apple and carrot which is good to fight high cholesterol, reduce risk of diabetes and aid eye vision. 

I love it cold, I love it fresh. What so good about this pressed juice is, it consisted of NO preservative, no added water and no added sugar. How great was that?

So, if you ever need a cold pressed juice and on transit at KL Sentral/Nu Sentral, do drop by to this Impressed outlet to experience this alternative healthy beverages. 



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