My Fun-Craving Dinner at Franco Restaurant, Avenue K

Hi everyone, 

It has been awhile since my last posting in this blog. Before that, Happy October to all. Thats mean, we will have 2 more months before year 2016 and year end holiday time. I wish to complete my backdated blog writing before its too late. Perhaps I need to swiftly write a new entry after my eating out or activities. 

I was craving for Franco's since few months ago since I have to pass by the restaurant at old wing of One Utama Shopping Centre when walking to my office. I followed their Facebook Franco Malaysia and the IG: Franco Malaysia and been tempted with their food photos and promotion during their regular udpates. This experience was at their another outlet which is located in Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur. 

Franco do serve a fine casual French Japanese cuisine for the diners. The menu was limited but stunningly tempting. I think it is good to be specialize like this rather than presenting a whole book of menu but fail to deliver the best taste. This is what I like about Franco at first place, simplicity and focus the choice of foods.

There are 2 foods that actually triggered my eyes, the Squid Ink Pasta & the Squid Ink Rice. But I am not ready yet to taste it, so I play safe this time by ordering something which sounded familiar to our dining experience. So, we ordered a serving of Spaghetti Arabiatta, Chicken Teriyaki Rice, a Salad and a Vanilla Souffle for dessert. 

The Chicken Teriyaki Rice was sent hot to our table first and followed by the Salad. I love the rice and the chicken. The teriyaki chicken taste good and well marinated. I love the doneness of the rice and great to have the omelette on top of the rice serving which make the serving taste and look even better. 

It is good to have the Chicken Teriyaki Rice with the salad too. The salad consisted of soft tofu, white radish (I guess), seaweed strips, cucumber and lettuce. It was cold and uhmmmm.... super good. Really nice to compliment the deliciousness of the rice dish.

How about my Spaghetti Arabiatta? Its all about fresh meal. I'm not sure if the pasta was freshly made. I love the sauce of course and the pasta was well seasoned too. I must be silly if I don't lick the whole plate. Hahaha. 

At first, we plan to have our dessert somewhere else. But since our first 3 meals was great, we asked the waiter for the menu and we ordered the Vanilla Souffle. Trust me its hot, crispy outside, sweet and hot inside. Love it and I think I should learn how to make it at home.

In terms of the service here? Its all quick and the staffs at Franco Avenue K were very attentive. They greet us, they direct us to our table, the menu came right away, and the foods was served minutes after ordering. Definitely love the lighting and adore theor industrial concept of dining area. Love the cleanliness and love the choice of music too. Price wise? Well, you will think it worth your spending here. Truly affordable. 

Will I come back here? It is definitely yes. Thank you Franco from your happy customers, Danial & Chris. 


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