My Unforgettable Red Velvet Muffin from Chocolate World, Pavilion KL

Its soft, its smell good and its melt in your mouth. That is what I can describe about the Red Velvet Muffin that I recently bought from Chocolate World at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. 

The outlet is located next to the Food Republic and was care by a young Malay girl. At first, we never though of buying anything there. We were just browsing at their chill glass chocolate display and the girl start to greet us and give us many free tasting for their cookies and chocolate bites. 

According to the girl, all the bites here were made with chocolate which was imported from Belgium. Well, that answered by it is so great taste. While she entertaining other customers, we turn to the other side of her kiosk and saw the rows of fresh muffin. No hesitation, my housemate love everything made with the name of red velvet and we finally bought a large Red Velvet Muffin which we will eat it in the cinema later. 

I never eat Red Velvet Muffin before. But I think this one is great. Its melt in mouth and very light. Not a very sweet version, but truly a temptation. 

Will come back again here. For their Belgian chocolate, marshmallow and macaroon too. 


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