My Experience at Mentai Sushi, Puchong Jaya

I supposed to meet my housemate at Kimchi Haru, IOI Boulevard. But then, I walked passing by a new sushi outlet located at the other side of this IOI Boulevard and suggested Chris to try this newly open sushi restaurant.

First thing about this Mentai Sushi (which at first I read it as Hentai Sushi) is I like the crowd. It was full house at the time we step into its front door. A good sign for a newly open restaurant I think. Like other sushi restaurant, they have a moving sushi delivery machine (oh I don't know what is its real name) with plates in red and yellow colour which is very catchy for customer's eyes and they sushi makers work station was at the front side which customer will know that they produce the sushi by customer's needs. I mean, when theres an empty sushi plates on the delivery machine, they will roll a new sushi afterwards.

Alright. Enough with some elaboration about this place. Lets check on the menu. The sushi in yellow plates came with price RM1.80 each and the red plate came with price RM2.80. Other than sushi, customer can order main dishes which some will come with the Miso Soup. So, I ordered a serving of Chicken Teriyaki meal with rice and my housemate get a Unagi (Eel) for his main dish aside of Chawan Mushi for his dessert (I don't why he likes it). 

Comments about the foods here? 

In my opinion, this place is by Malaysian for Malaysian. But not for a real Japanese food lovers. I love my sushi fresh in terms of taste and fragrance. The sushi in Mentai Sushi was a bit hard and some is not recommended to be served cold or its not suppose to be a sushi i.e the Taco look sushi... will check the real name later. Price wise, it was reasonable and within the market range. 

How about my Chicken Teriyaki set? I think it was my bad day because something wrong with the Teriyaki sauce itself. It is too salty, perhaps too much vinegar and the real taste of chicken was really gone. I didn't finish the meal honestly. The rice was too hard and the only good thing here was the Miso soup.

I never try the eel but my housemate said that it was okay. So, overall I think this Mentai Sushi is just an okay place for people who are looking for affordable Japanese meal. But for me, there is no wow factor to attract me to come again to this place. Sorry Mentai Sushi, I hope you guys will serve a better quality of sushi in new future, or at least beat what the AEON Store on the next road can offer. 



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