Lunch at Sam's Groceria, Nu Sentral

I was having a meeting with my client on last week in city centre and was browsing around Nu Sentral for my lunch. Well, I don't really like to eat alone in a restaurant. So, food court or open eating area is a good choice for me on that day. Since, I had been to the KL Sentral Food Court for few times (back 3 or 4 years ago), I think good for me what are the foods at Sam's Groceria Nu Sentral is taste like.

What I like about Sam's Groceria is the store style look very sleek, clean and stylish. All merchandises are in a good order and varieties of imported products can be found here. But maybe not as much as what cold storage can offer to the customers.

A plus point for this Sam's Groceria is because of the foods area located at the lower ground floor of Nu Sentral which offered a varieties kind of meals from Asian to Western and an  uprising Japanese sushi. Well, as I said, this is a good place to enjoy food when you opt to have lunch or dinner alone.

For trial, I get a pack of chicken chop and a pack of sushi (I will check the name again... sorry for that readers) for my lunch. I think, the chicken chop is too cold and the sushi that I bought is nice, but RM1.50 much expensive than the kind in AEON store.

I won't write more to describe the fun side of this foodie area. Let the photos below to describe how fun is this place. Some foods can be a bit cold for instant eating. But it will be perfectly good for those who work in the walking vicinity of KL Sentral and nearby building as they can pack the lunch, bring it office, reheat it and enjoy it. That is the best way to enjoy a ready cook-take away food like this.

Will I come again to this place. The answer is yes... for their sushi and trying out the breads here. 


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