Grand Shanghai - Claypot Restaurant, Setiawalk, Puchong

Article contributed by: Christopher Lim
Food Category: Non-halal

It was a beautiful afternoon and I was wondering around Setia Walk until we discovered that the Shanghai floor at the other block has been opened. Well, I can't recall the exact name, but this eating out place is located at the other block of Setiawalk which is 1 floor up from the Celebrity Fitness and one floor below the TGV Cinema.

Basically, there are so many stall or traditional concepts of restaurants here. Most of the restaurant here serve Chinese foods and the food price is very reasonable. So, that day I decided to go to this Grand Shanghai Claypot Restaurant to try their Shanghaineese foods there. 

So, I ordered a set of Pork Ribs with Sweet Sauce and my friend ordered a set of Crispy Lemon Chicken. Each set come with clear soup on the side, steam rice and salad. For drink, we ordered Luo Han Guo ice which is really good to cool ourselves. 

How was the food? I am very family with local Chinese food and this is my very first Shanghai food. So, I can't compare it with other places. The Crispy Lemon Chicken is a nice one. But I think the pork rib is a bit hard compare to other pork meat that i used to eat at other place. Not sure if that is how it cooked. But when I come again to this place, I recommend you to order chicken meal instead of pork. But anyway, I love the pickle pineapple on the side which is really nice. 

There are some many restaurants available here and I am looking forward to come again to explore their foods. If you are a pure Chinese food lover, this place might be a place for you to venture. 


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