[Segamat]: Segarnya Cendol Segar Amat

"Segarnya Cendol Segar Amat"

That is my first impression after sipping the fresh cold cendol at this cendol shop  Bandar Segamat.

Well, for those who didn't know, I am a Segamatian. Was born in Batu Pahat here with some memories of growing up in this place.

I personally think it is a bit hard to find hipster cafes or locally famous eating out places in Segamat. I hope this article will be my good start for me and others to explore what are good here.

Segar Amat Cendol
Jalan Utama 2/3, Taman Utama
85000 Segamat, Johor

At time I'm writing this article, there is a big empty space in front of this shoplot which normally will be Hari Raya bazaar or funfair venue here.

Just like other cendol places, Cendol Segar Amat also do serve Rojak & Nasi Lemak Bungkus for their customers. There are Rojak Biasa, Rojak Kuih & Rojak Ayam for you to choose. Note if you are asking for Rojak Ayam, please ask for the tight or rib side. Or else, all you will get are the bone parts only.

This cendol & rojak place will be my regular hang out place whenever I am back in town and I think you should hunt for this place too. 


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