Day 1 Kota Kinabalu: CNY Night Market, Bath Towel Hunting & Laksa Yee Fung

After having dinner, we walked back to Jalan Gaya which the Chinese New Year  (short formed as CNY) night market was held. It was very exciting to see a quiet street on the afternoon now turn to be crazy with so many people. Yes. They are local and tourist here.

The venue for this night market was at the same place of  Gaya Street Morning Market tomorrow. It was very long with people selling foods, drinks, some clothing for women & kids and also men selling USB for mobile phone. They are cakes, dimsum, Vietnamese Banh Mi, sweets, wholesales of soft drinks, cheap shoes and many more.

I am so excited to explore every stall here and see if there are anything unique which I hardly can find in Semenanjung (Peninsular Malaysia). Oh ya! Besides that, we are also looking for bath towel in the market. This is because our cheap hostel don't provide bath towel, or if we want to have one, we need to rent for it. So, we decided to buy our own. But unfortunately, we unable to get any bath towel at this Chinese New Year Special Market.

So, we decided to walk again to Wisma Merdeka and perhaps there are shop selling bath towel there. After making a big round at this 3 floors shopping mall, we could not find any and finally we walked to the massive Suria Shopping Mall (which is more modern and upscale compared to the oldie style of Wisma Merdeka) and we went to Metrojaya to buy of very soft bath towel.

A very quick thoughts about Suria Shopping Mall, it was new, big and busy with youngsters. There are cinemas, beauty centre, restaurants, pharamcist and some medium to high end boutique available at the mall's ground floor. Us? We just go to the basement floor which is where Watson and Guardian Pharmacy located to get some mini size toiletries for our 4 days usage in Kota Kinabalu. 

Settled with our finding bath towel and toiletries mission, we come back to Jalan Gaya, where our hostel is located. But then, after long walking here and there, our stomachs were hungry again and this time, we are praying that a restaurant with name Kedai Kopi Yee Fung was still open.

Thank god, it was open as we expected and still very crowded. Just the same as the time we passed by the restaurant this morning when we want to go to our hostel. The service here is very fast. The menu was displayed on the wall, and you also will have chance to browse the menu which will be passed to you in hand and you need to do quick ordering too. Very straightforward, you just choose what is in front of you. 

So, we chose to have 2 serving for Laksa Yee Fung and 2 drinks (I tried to remember the name). Our Laksa came to our table like a flash and its look good. It was creamy, a bit spicy if you add more chili and fatty. Overall, I love it, But I am not so sure about how can I imitate this recipe when go back to KL later. Price wise, I think it is really value for money. i believe the owner of this Kedai Kopi Yee Fung must be filthy rich badass in KK. 

That is all for our first day in KK. A lot of laugh and seeing new things. On the Day 2, we will share about the markets, more fresh fish and local foods. Stay tune. 


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