Day 1 in Kota Kinabalu - Airport Shuttle Bus vs Local Mini Bus

Hello everyone. Finally I have new material to write in my blog after being idle for quiet sometimes. To be honest, I did not do so much travelling during year 2014. I mostly spent my time with my office job as well as strategizing my home decor business.

So, on last 14th February 2015, me and my mate Christopher took a chance to have 4 days visit to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. We took AirAsia first flight at 6.45am and thanks to my brother Hafiz and his girlfriend for sending us to KLIA2. 

We touched down to Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) at 9.17am and the weather was just perfect for our vacation. Just for your info, our AirAsia flight landed at Terminal 2 which is specially catered for low cost airplanes. 

Once we done with the immigration matters, we walked to the arrival hall and the Airport Shuttle bus counter was just right at the left side of the airport, next to a 24 hours convenience store (I can't remember the name). Easy clue, please look for a blue colour booth as shown in the photo below. You also will find the full bus schedule on the banner next to the booth too. When you buy the ticket, you may mention to the ticket keeper about where you want to stop. From our experience, the bus do stop at some points such as hotel, Centre Point and the trip will finish at Padang Merdeka. 

As for us, we will stop at Padang Merdeka, where our backpacker hostel is located. With price RM5 per trip, I think this airport shuttle bus is comfortable and very clean. You can see from the photos below.

Another option for you to go to Kota Kinabalu city centre is by taking a local mini bus. Just wait at the right side end of the Terminal 2 and u will saw a small old bus with air-conditioner with number 16C. This bus actually is transporting passengers from Marina to Tanjung Aru Beach. So, The bus fare is cheaper. RM2 for 1 way compare to RM5 for the Airport Shuttle. With frequency 1 bus in every hour, you are uncertain about what time the bus will arrive. It maybe dirty and not as comfortable as the Airport Shuttle Bus. 

You also can go to go to town by taxi. No worries about the price. There is a coupon taxi system for you to follow. In my next insertion, I will share with you about our first food in Kota Kinabalu and day 1 activities. 


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