Day 1 Kota Kinabalu - Around KK Town, Awesome Bakso & The Seafood

Hopefully you can read my previous entry about our delicious brunch at Dah Hin Kartini Restaurant in my earlier post. So, after few hours nap, we wake up and prepare ourselves to explore Kota Kinabalu town before the sunset.

I was at Wisma Merdeka 6 years back and I can say this shopping mall is about to die. But, when I am here, I saw that it full with customers with many unique tenant mix. Besides, there are many other new developments too such as the Suria Shopping Mall which is located about 10 minutes walking from Wisma Merdeka. For your info, Wisma Merdeka is one of the oldest shopping mall and in Sabah and it is surviving with the rapidness of commercial development in Kota Kinabalu town.

Then, we walk to the waterfront or some call it as Todak Waterfront which is referring to a Todak fish figure located at the roundabout nearby this waterfront. It was such a windy day with I can't stop to took some selfies and wefies.

Next, we went to the market/food stalls next to the Todak Waterfront to see what they have here. Well, I can see there are many fresh fish and other seafood displayed for tonights business. There are local foods such as bakso, fried noodle and fried rice too.

So, we drop by to a stall selling beef bakso. I tell you what! It was awesome. It consisted of beef, beef ball, noodle and delicious soup. Not only that, I also buy some chicken wing and friend savories from nearby stalls too. It was all taste great.

Finished with the Bakso, we continue our journey to browse to other stall to see if there are anything else that I should try. So, I stop at one stall selling fresh grilled seafoods. 4 big squid at RM18. I am not sure it was expensive or cheap (at least on that time).  But for the sake of trying, we decided to have a table and ordered that. It was nice and fresh squids anyway. But stay tune for my next article about the real seafood price in Kota Kinabalu.

Oh ya! This eating out place is located next to the Pasar Besar Kota Kinabalu. Then, from there, I walked further by to Jalan Segama where there is a line of evening stalls which selling various kind local foods such as Nasi Kuning (Yellow Rice with Sambal), local savories and snack, fried foods, drinks and durian.

Done with everything, we walk back to Jalan Gaya to see the Chinese New Year night market there which I will share in my next entry posting. Cheers.


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