Noodle Dinner at 西刀鱼丸粉 Restaurant Ah Wing, Puchong Jaya

I think many of our fellow friends know that we normally prefer to have dinner at home. But once in awhile, it is good to see what are other good stuffs to enjoy our there. So, on last weekend, I wandered nearby IOI Boulevard and discover this (I think it is a new restaurant) called Restauran Ah Wing. I can't recall the exact location of this restaurant, but u can make a big round at IOI Boulevard and you probably will see this restaurant on the right side of this commercial complex. 

The unique factor about this Chinese restaurant is the kitchen is at the front side of the restaurant and customer can see how they prepare meals for customers. When we check on the menu, there are two type of food style here is which a clear soup noodle or curry noodle.

At first, we would want to have the curry noodle, but too bad, they run out of stock already. Look at our watch, its 8.00pm and seems like the curry noodle here is a hot selling item. So, I ordered a serving of Loh Su Fun (Dry) and my mate asked for a serving of Loh Suh Fun with Soup. 

Minutes later, we received our meals and seriously, this is really a good one for you to try. The soup is really rich with flavours and the portion is really reasonable. I am yet to visit this restaurant again to taste their version of curry noodle and other side dishes as well.
Price wise, really affordable, between RM5.00 to RM7.90 for each foods on the menu and the cleanliness of the restaurant is obviously guaranteed. No flies, No wet floor and No bad smell. Great! Great! (^_^)

Note to our Muslim friends, this restaurant is non-halal for you.

Article by: C.Lim


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