Bali Day 2: Walking Along Seminyak Area, Bali

Hello everyone. In this entry, I still will share about my second day activities in Bali. If you read my previous posting, we only can check in our villa after 2 pm. So, we had about 4 hours to kill and we decided to go for a walk around Seminyak area. Basically, in this article I will share about things in seminyak area.

Jalan = Road

Jalan Arjuna

Okay! Arjuna road also known as Double 6 among the local. if you catch a cab, you can easily say going to Double 6 and everyone know the place. Basically, Jalan Arjuna is started from the four junction of Jalan Keraton-Jalan Legian-Jalan Nakula and the end point is Seminyak beach. Walking to the beach via Jalan Arjuna maybe will take about 10 to 15 minutes and along the way, you will see many shops selling souvenirs, beach wears, tattoo services, massage services, handicraf and some restaurants. This street mostly less happening at night time.

Jalan Keraton

From Jalan Arjuna, we go further north to Jalan Keraton. In here, you will able to see alot of stuffs things such as fashion shops, beach wear shops, hotel, holiday villas, interior design and furniture shops, local and international brand boutiques and many more. Perhaps Jalan Keraton is not as havoc as in Jalan Legian, but I personally think that, if you had visited here, you don't have to spend so much time in Jalan Legian because more or less, the view is almost the same. Overall, things here are not cheap tho. The price is almost the same like in Malaysia. Perhaps the target market are mostly to young Australian and other westerners in Bali.

But then, what makes me excited here is the Bintang Supermarket which is located in the middle of Jalan Keraton. This supermarket maybe not so big, but it comprised of everything, from fresh to dried item, including men's and women's department. I can see there are many tourist and expats do their shopping here too. Spending time here, I feel like I am a kid in a candy store. Maybe because I love cooking and shopping cooking ingredient is my best hobby. There are so many instant paste for Indonesian cooking, lots of instant noodles and also can foods.

Besides that, you can buy your Indonesian sim card (starter pack for mobile) at a counter near this supermarket too. If you want to send letter or postcard, just simply walk further behind the supermarket and you will see a post office in orange colour.

Next, after shopping instant paste in Bintang Supermarket, we walked further until we saw a food stall selling Indonesia mixed rice. Oh ya! Before that, during this Bali trip, we need to control our expenses and will decline any feeling to eat in fancy restaurants. We preferred to eat like a local man. The food here is pretty simple but very Indonesian. There are fried chicken, fried tempeh and nuts, veggies and other foods too. Really a basic meal for local people and the taste was awesome. To spice up your meal, ask for a little sambal on the side. But you better watch out, some Indonesian sambal really will burn you to the nerve.

2 serving of mixed rice is Rp 22,000 dan 2 glasses of ice tea is Rp 8,000. Actually this is almost the same price if having food in suburbun area of Kuala Lumpur.

Jalan Kerobokan

Done with our lunch, we walked further (for about 3 hours more) and there were alot of fun things along the road. At the end of Keraton, you will see the intersection of Jalan Kerobokan and Sunset Road which this road will head to Jalan Petitenget and Jalan Batubelig (north further of Kuta side).

In Jalan Kerobokan, there are many Balinese exterior and interior shops, wood furniture, home decor items, lighting and other creative things. You cannot find so many hotel or restaurants along these street, but we found a very small little Bakso stall here. Since the price is really cheap, we ordered a serving of Bakso Chicken and Bakso Beef each. Taste wise, I think it is find because the local also eat the same. 2 servings of Bakso cost us Rp16,000 and 2 glasses of Ice Tea is Rp 6,000. Slightly cheaper compared to in centre Kuta area. 

Jalan Petitenget

At the end of Jalan Kerobokan is Jalan Petitenget. Basically, Petitenget comprised of fancy restaurants (but not so many), luxury spa and massage centre, wedding halls and big villas. We dont walk much here, it was 1 pm and the sun was like, on our head. We scrapped our earlier plan to walk until Jalan Batubelig and go back to hotel by using beach route. Finally we took a cab to bring us back to the starting point at Jalan Arjuna.

Overall, walking along those streets are really interesting. More or less, it gave us some understanding about places to go and what to expect when visiting to Bali again.      


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