Bali Day 1: Kuala Lumpur - Midnight Arrival - Bali

Hi everyone, I am recently not really active in blogging. My PC at home is broken and the laptop is freaking slow. Some of you maybe previously read about my blog posting about the plan to go to Bali and yes, we just came back on last Monday. 

So, going to Bali was actually a sudden plan. Previously, we planned to go to Singapore to celebrate his birthday. But then, with maximum budget MYR2000 ($600), we don't think will able to have a good 5 days stay in one of the most expensive city in the world. 

Our departure date was on 13th March 2014 and we bouth the ticket one week earlier with price MYR788 ($240) for 2 person. Still a good deal tho because my other pals went to Bali week before at price MYR1100 ($340). 

The flight schedule was at 8.25pm and expected to arrive to Ngurah Rai International Airport at 11.25pm. But, since it is very hazy and too hot at home (after closing all doors and windows), we decided to go to airport much earlier with hoping to fully utilize the air conditioner area in the airport and be away from the breathless hazy area in Puchong. 

LCCT Kuala Lumpur

We departed without no delay, and on that time, what was in my mind is just want to safely arrive and jump to my hotel bed soon. 3 hours on flight, I can't really sleep. We just ordered in flight meal (it is better to buy online because you can save up to 20% compared to buy when boarding). We had Nasi Kuning Menado, a yellow rice with shredded chicken and the rice slightly taste like Malaysian's Nasi Lemak but with additional touch of lemongrass and Asian herbs. This Nasi Kuning Manado will cost you Rp 45,000 ($4) if you buy it when on board. 

Once we landed, it is very funny because after stepping out from the plane, you will need to get on the bus with less then 3 minutes ride to the main terminal what a cute transit? Hahahaha. The process at immigration counter is really quick and its already 12.00am with only us at the arrival time. 

This airport is not so big, and we swiftly walked passing the arrival hall and leave the airport. Oh ya, before that, since we arrive late night and to go to our real hotel in Seminyak can be a trouble as we still didn't get use with Bali, we decided to stay in Kuta Airport Hotel & Residence first and leaving to our real place the day later. 

Silly me, if following to my study before going to Bali, our transit hotel is just a walking distance from the airport. Obviously, the real road and Google map can be vary. The main road was look like a highway, and we turn to the right side of the road, but still have no clue about our hotel location. Then we turn again to the left and walk a little to see any landmark as shown in our Google map. But, negative! 

Luckily I can speak a moderate Indonesian language. The first person I asked at a 24hrs convenience store have no idea about the hotel, a parking attendance have a rough idea and show us the way (but we still not really clear about the exact place) and finally, a ojek (motorbike taxi) rider mentioned to me that the location is about 1 km walking from my current point. 

So, we keep walking and finally saw the landmark, Anika Hotel and our Kuta Airport Hotel & Residence is just 100 meter from there. When think it back, I should go by taxi from airport, and maybe it will cost me about Rp 20,000 ($1.80) only. Hahaha. Silly me. I was too worry to get ripped by taxi driver (which actually never happened to me during 5 days stay in Bali - Will share about it later).

Simple and simple. The Airport Kuta Hotel & Residence, Kuta, Bali

About our hotel, it is just a basic hotel with price Rp 205,000 ($18) per night for a standard room. But anyway, even this place is cheap, it is not bad tho. The bed is still comfy, the room was really clean without any bad smell, the air conditioner slowly chill and the water heater was good too. The only small thing here is the TV size, really a small one. Hahaha.

The beautiful sky of Kuta, Bali

Wake up in the morning, I directly walked to the balcony and feel fresh air greeted my face. I can see the roof of other houses at the neigbourhood area and the sky was really blue. Even its only 6.30am, the sky so bright and the street started to be very busy with bike and cars passing by.

7.00am, we went down for breakfast and seriously, the Indonesian style friend noodle was awesome. So, herewith I declared that my first food in Bali is this Indonesian Style Fried Noodle and the best ever. Besides, at the buffet table have some cakes, Indonesian style radish cake (I am not sure the exact name) and fruit plates.

We checked out around 9.00am and the hotel guy assisted us to get a taxi to our next stop, New Pondok Sara Villa in Seminyak


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