The Hot & Spicy Mee Goreng Sotong, the Esplanade, Penang

One of our mission when going to back to Penang this time is to try the Mee Goreng Sotong (Squid Fried Noodle) from the famous Bangkok Lane in Georgetown. But unfortunately, our second attempt to try out this restaurant had end up with a disappointment when it was close (again). Then, we Googled for another famous Mee Goreng Sotong and we found this Hameed 'Pata' Mee Sotong.

We swiftly drove from the Bangkok Lane to the Esplanade to hunt for this halal & infamous Mee Sotong. Synonym with it's popularity, people were queuing (quiet long) to place their order here. So, it made us strongly believed that they are famous. I can see that many of the customers are the local, and I always believed that locals knew the best.

Come to our turn, we ordered a normal (biasa) size of Mee Sotong and not to forget, we ordered Coconut Shake from the stall next to the Mee Sotong place. I had been reminded by other floggers post about the spiciness of this Mee Sotong, and yes it is. This fried noodle is not only in its red-ish, but also spicy. Squeezing the lime before eating will help you to reduce the spiciness of you friend noodle.

How does it taste, I think I love it. The squid (sotong) is very tender and the noodle is slightly Mamak style (aiyaaa... there are mamak lah). Compared to the Mee Goreng Sotong that we have in Burmah Road few months before, this is much better. About our coconut shake, far...far... far... different compared to the famous Klebang Coconut Shake that I used to have in Melaka during new year 2014 holiday before. The coconut shake here is not really smooth and the bad thing is, they include some ice chunk in the coconut shake which is actually wrong.

Well, the story doesn't end here. If you need to choose a delicious meal and bad services, which one would you prefer? After we finished our foods, we drove our car back home, and my mate's brother saw our photo on facebook which finally his auntie and brother asked us to take away 2 pack of Mee Sotong for them. So, we make a big round back to the esplanade, queuing again for about 20 minutes to place our take away order. Only at second round, we discovered that the Mamaks (workers) here are really rude to customers. I did asked for a take away, and they keep showing me 2 plates of Mee Sotong for us to pick. And again, I said, we want to take away and the Mamak start to make an annoying face before packing our noodle. I wonder if my Bahasa Melayu is not clear at their ears, or should I speak local Penang dialect then.

They are not only be annoying to me, but to the customer next to me too. She asked for a serving without potato (the friend noodle have slices of potato which mixed with other ingredient). The Mamak impolitely said, "cannot" and no more entertain the customer's asking and shift to other customers. 

Yes, some bloggers shared the same experience about the rudeness of the Mamak here. From what I know, many years back, all customers don't have to queue and the workers with take order from the seated customers. Things changed I guess, they are getting popular and might not have enough workers to do their business like old time. 

So, the question is, will you queue for a delicious Mee Sotong with bad attitude workers or maybe you will just skip the experience to have Mee Sotong here, and go somewhere else. Ah! But trust me, the Mee Sotong here is really nice and I will close my eyes about their rudeness or whatever causes. 


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