Easy Meal: Beef Potato and Egg

My mate reminds me that no more spicy for dinner as we ate a lot of spicy foods over the weekend. So, this recipe coming out to my mind and plus everything can be ready in about 30 minutes time. 

Here is my pictorial guide about how to cook this easy meal.

Boil 200gm potato with skin and don't let it too soft. 
Next, slice it!

Prepare your minced beef and chop 1 medium size of onion

Heat your frying pan and add 1 table spoon of cooking oil. 
Put the chopped onion and stir it for awhile

Add in the mince beef and stir for awhile until it cook. 
Then, add salt and pepper for taste

Add in the sliced potato and mix it with the ingredients. Next break one eggs and stir it again until it cook and dry. Add some dried oregano flakes for aroma.

Transfer the mixtures from frying pan to casserole. I love to put some butter or cheese on top of this

5 minutes earlier, pre-heat your microwave at 200 degree and then place your casserole into the microwave for about 5 to 10 minutes

Finally, a very beautiful smell of hot
Beef Potato & Egg is ready for your dinner


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