An Evening at The Apartment, The Curve, Damansara

My last dining at The Apartment restaurant was 3 years ago at KLCC. After watching Despicable 2 at Cathay Cineleisure Damansara, me and Christopher walked to The Curve for another dinner experience at this homey type of restaurant.

As we arrived, The Apartment was almost full with their guest. We decided to dine out at their bar, for better lighting (as the light in this restaurant was too dime for my cheap camera...hahaha).

We start with our drink, we think of having house wine, but when we think back, 2 glass will cost us around RM60. So, it is better for us to have a bottle of white wine which is very-very worth it. Nothing much to comment about our wine, Martyn 2012 is just okay to match with simple pasta.

No starter for today and we directly ordered 2 main course, Chicken Pasta & Duck Pasta. As for me, pasta dishes will always simple and easy. Our Chicken Pasta was okay and slightly spicy. But however, the sweetness of the white wine managed to natural up the spicy-ness of the pasta. The same with our duck pasta. A simple ducky pasta with purees. Nothing to praise up about the pasta, just like a home-made one, but still okay.

Last but not least, we ordered Pavlova & Chocolate Mousse for dessert. After waiting for awhile, our Pavlova been delivered to us, and wow... 3 big serving of Pavlova in front of us, we love it. Not too sweet, creamy on top... but too little fruits on top. The dinner tonight makes me decide that Chocolate Mousse is not for me. Too strong of chocolate taste and its killing me (fainted).


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