Psy's Gangnam Style in Penang, Malaysia

As promised, the "horse riding dancing style", Oppa Gangnam Style has finally come to Penang, Malaysia. For the first time ever, Park Jae-Sang or famously known as Psy come to Malaysia to perform in the national celebration of Chinese New Year Open House 2013 at Han Chiang College, Ayer Hitam.

This special appearance had attracted more than 80,000 crowd, not only local fans, but also foreigner tourist in Penang. Many of them had gathered in this school as early as 7.00am, worried to miss the chance to see the World's Korean superstar performing live.

Psy fulfilled his promise to his Malaysian fans when he arrived to Penang International Airport at 7.00am from Brazil before directly been sent to Evergreen Laurel Hotel for resting and preparation. The craziness started when his fan waiting for almost 5 hours until Psy stunningly starts his performance at 12.30pm which witnessed by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and VVIPs. There is a rumours said that Psy appearance was paid by a party politic but has been denied as this special appearance was delivered by a private limited company.

Psy was performing his Oppa Gangnam Style with 10 backup dancers in white costumes. He was wearing a short sleeve shirts with some gold colour beading and black sun glasses. After the performance, Psy praised his Malaysian fans in his Twitter by saying, "U were hotter than weather, hotter than ever! 1Malaysia" which replied by Prime Minister as "Psy U were sizzling hot! Malaysia love your Gangnam performance"

According to Psy, he is very excited to come back to Malaysia on this April to promote his new single. 

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