Luwak’s Coffee and the Story of Expensive Coffee in the World

Luwak Coffee which only can be found in Indonesia is the weirdest coffee in the world. The coffee was produced from the shit of Luwak Fox which the animal will naturally eat the coffee bean at night before the villagers coming to collect the shits for processing to make coffee powder.

"Fox, Elephant and Monkey are among the animals which produced the most expensive coffee in the world"

The most famous location to find this coffee is in Bali, Sumatera, Jawa and Sulawesi with a commercial value at USD700 per kilogramme. The phenomenal of drinking this coffee used to be controversy among Muslim coffee drinker as the coffee was produced from animal digestion process. However, since 13 February 2012,in  the National Fatwa Organisation 98th Meeting had decided that Muslim can consume this coffee with halal coffee preparation process applied.

It is not only fox can produce high quality coffee. In Thailand, local people used elephant to speed up the process of producing coffee. This is because elephant can eat more coffee beans compared to fox. The idea is almost the same with producing Luwak Coffee which the elephant will eat the coffee beans and digest it. Some coffee lovers said that, the elephant produced coffee is more delicious than the high quality Robusta and Arabica coffee in market.

However, this coffee is only available at certain places such as luxury hotels in Thailand, Maldives and Abu Dhabi with price around USD68 per cup.

In Taiwan, Formosan Rock monkey also contributing in the making of world’s expensive coffee. Unlike Luwak and elephant coffee which come from digestion process, the monkey will attracted with the red colour of coffee bean and spit it as it can be digested. The coffee from this monkey’s spit taste sweeter with some vanilla taste which needs about 2 weeks to get dried and processed to make a coffee powder. The market price for this coffee is USD60 for each half kilogramme. 


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