Vietnam my Second Home: Saigon or Hanoi?

It’s such a conflict when being asked about which city is better to live, Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). Before you make any decision, it is advisable to study and ask around about the pros and cons when staying in both cities. When you are asking a pro Saigonese, they will mention all the goods points of the city and talking bad about the counterpart. The same thing will happen when you asking Hanoians about the goods of their city. Logically, HCMC is a good city to start a new career and business because of below factors:
Spectacular Saigon View

Favorable Weather for all

Ho Chi Minh City is geographically located at the Southern part of Vietnam with rivers and distance from beach areas. With a lot of greenery from agriculture provinces, its consequence to comfortable.Hanoi has four seasons which is sometimes very extreme during summer and winter. No doubt, spring and autumn will give you very beautiful scenery to the residences but it not long-lasting. Extreme weather in Hanoi might be not so convenientt for daily activities even for some European and North Americans who are used with cold weather. In the meantime, the weather in HCMC is more promising with 2 seasons which is dry season from December to April and rainy season on May until November. With weather around 32 degrees Celsius, its makes your daily life more comfortable.

Better Quality of Transportation Hubs

HCMC is definitely having a better transportation hub compared to Hanoi. The completion of Vo Van Kiet highway had shortened the traveling distance from city centre to District 5 and District 8. Thu Thiem Tunnel launching months ago had reduce the traffic congestion in the city when people can use the under-river tunnel to travel from District 1 to District 2 and Binh Thanh District. Traffic jammed in both cities are just the same, but street size in HCMC is relatively wider and has a better condition which is safer for users.
In terms of air transportation, more international flight availability at Tan Son Nhat International Airport, HCMC instead of Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi. So, you can save your travel expenses without any transit required.

All Year around Outdoor & Indoor Entertainment

There are a lot of concerts and international exhibitions and fairs being organized in HCMC. Three mega theme parks which is Dam Sen Park at District 11, Dai Nam Park at Binh Duong Province and Suoi Tien Park at Thu Duc District, and no such things available in Hanoi. So, you will have more choice of entertainment and recreation for your and family especially during weekend and public holidays.
A Japanese Restaurant at Dong Du street
Disrict 1, HCMC

Varieties of International Cuisine

According to, at least 88 different nationalities are living in HCMC and 55 nationalities are currently living in Hanoi. No matter what nationality you are and what food that you are craving, it’s all available in HCMC. From hot and spicy Indian fish curry to sizzling Japanese udon and tasty Singapore Chilli Crab to authentic Thai Tom Yam, it’s all here in HCMC.

Active Lifestyle and Outgoing

Saigonese has a strong American and French influence in their life. This makes them more “happening” and more open-minded towards foreigners. Locals are very friendly and helpful and this is good for newcomers either for business or relationship.
This is just some clues for fellow expatriates to understand about the benefits of living in HCMC instead of Hanoi. HCMC is a city of choice for people who are looking for an active lifestyle with adventures and Hanoi is a beautiful city for a peaceful and minimalist living seekers.


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