Special Hideout Place Over Lunch Break: Caffeinated Cabin, PJ

I usually will go to this place on work-day for lunch. It is located at PJ, not really far from the KWSP PJ building. Turn left if you know where is it? or you just need to waze it up. 

Caffeinated Cabin
64, Jalan Gasing, Bukit Gasing
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/pg/caffeinatedcabin/

I called this place as a 'special hideout over lunch break' because this place is unique for many reason. So, now its is more like I am revealing my secret. LOL!

First of all, I love the cool AC temperature here. Just nice especially when the sun outside just over your head. 

Secondly, the menu list offered a limited choice of meals for you to choose. But I think it is a very cool idea too. Why you need a whole book of menu when you could minimal it and focus on your specialties. I will vote for their pastas. Next time, I shall try out other meals from this place. 

Thirdly, value for money. RM20++ for each pasta meals are not bad for me. You can get ice water if you need it or other selection of beverages too. They also do have promotion for their coffee and pastries from time to time too.

Note: My front camera, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is not good anymore. Apologize for the bad quality of photo

Fourth reason, small crowd of patrons or sometimes I feel like I had booked the whole restaurant for myself when it is only me and my mate at the dining area. 

Fifth, the interior decor is so 'something'. It is a conflict of oriental style, classic, antique and industrialist elements which can be found in the cafe. I just love the idea. 

Final reason! Your boss will definitely can't find you here. But my boss will, after he found this article. 


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