[Nu Sentral KL]: I'm in Love with 4Finger Crispy Chicken

I think many of us were talking about the sensation of the 4 Finger recently. It has been viral-led over the facebook and god knows how the queue at their Nu Sentral, Kuala Lumpur outlet. When I asked my mate about where for lunch, a short answer he gave me was, lets '4 Finger' and I was a bit doubtful if the outlet is just selling chicken fingers which is a big No for me.  

This Four Finger business was originally from Singapore (and their HQ was there too) and now serving customers in their home country as well as Australia & their neighbour, Malaysia & Indonesia. For Malaysia market,  it came with Halal certified which I know very important as if they want to penetrate the Muslim consumers. 

So, we chose the Chicken Set which is consisted of twelve pieces of fried chicken wings with mix sauce (soy garlic and hot & spicy sauce), two pack of fries (with choice of seaweed or kimchi flavour) and 2 drinks. 

I personally think that it is a bit tricky for new comers to decide on what to orders as they are so many sets and ala carte for you to choose from the menu board. But not too worry, because the friendly staff will definitely help you to decide about what to order. Hell you must know, there bunch of hungry people right behind you. So, please don't take too long when it is your turn to place your order. 

After you order your food and make the payment, the cashier will give you some kind of mobile vibrator (fuck! I don't know the name) for them to notify you when your fried chicken is ready to pick up. 

If you plan to dine in, the outlet maybe really full with customers especially during peak hours. If you had a table, but no chair, try to look one and ask for permission if you need to take any chair from other table. Watch out your mannerslah.

I think it was so delicious, the fried chicken was so juicy and tender. The sauce was so balance and mildly spicy for a not a spicy fan like me. The fries also remain crunchy when after thirty minutes in open air and love the sprinkle of seaweed on it. 

 All the best to 4 Finger team. If you want to know more about this business, outlets and other stuff, This link with direct you to their website http://www.4fingers.com/

I will give 5/5 for the my foodgasm rate compared to other competitor (started from BBQ _ _ _ K _ _ and Ky_ _ _ _ ) which I only could put 3/5 in terms of taste, price and presentation.

Johan Danial
A headhunter by career 
A foodhunter by nature


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