Sunday Dimsum Breakfast at Nini Lai Restaurant, Puchong Jaya

Craving for a delicious Dimsum and you are somewhere in Puchong Jaya? This place maybe will be your cup of tea. Located at Jalan Kenari, this Dimsum restaurant is one of the must try eating out place in the area. The restaurant with name Nini Lai Restaurant is always busy especially on quiet Saturday and Sunday morning with some table at open parking area.

What I love about this place is the freshness of the Dimsum, the aroma and the taste of the Dimsum itself. Once you arrived here, you just need to choose your table and the worker will get your drink order. Minutes later, another worker will come carrying a huge Dimsum basket with various kind of Dimsums for you to choose. You will get tricky with lot of colours and sizes of the Dimsum. But trust me, all are actually delicious. 

Other than Dimsum, the restaurant also serve Chee Cheung Fun and other meals too. Since recently, I discovered that the Dimsum restaurant open till night for other kind of foods, noodle and stuff but it does not draw a big crowd like on Saturday and Sunday. 

How about you experience this place by yourself and see if we do have same experience.

Article by: Chris Lim


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