Fun Korean Food Experience at Go Mo Nae, Ampang Point

Me and my housemate Chris was in Ampang Point to survey curtain blinds and curtain material at Spotlight outlet here. After spending hours here, we went to 1st floor and Chris drop by to bookstore while I am rushing looking for toilet. Then, that is the moment I saw this Go Mo Nae restaurant with a super tempting view. They are Malay, Korean and Chinese customers were having their lunch here which make myself very eager to try it out.

So then, I get Chris to go to this restaurant and have a quick glance to the menu. I don't want stew or the famous Korean Bimbimbap. But I want to eat what others are currently having there. Its a tray of food consisted of rice, main dish, kimchi, potato and soup on the side. 

Looking at the menu here, there are many choices of foods can be ordered. They have Dak Bulgogi (Chicken BBQ with rice), Saengseon-gul (Fish with rice), Ojingeo Deopbap (Stir Fried Squid and Vegetables on top of Rice), Kimchi Bokkeumbap (Kimchi Fried Rice) and many more in the menu book.

So, we decided to order the Dak Bulgogi for me and Ojingeo Deobap for our lunch. I have to say that both foods delivered to our table was superbly delicious. We love the taste, the spiciness, the freshness and everything about the meal. I think we just enjoyed one of the freshest Kimchi in KL which is very rich with taste, moisture and aroma. 

We will definitely come again to Go Mo Nae. There are more foods yet to try in Go Mo Nae Restaurant. It just of Ampang Point is located a bit far of my current stay. But still, because of that good food, I will come back.  


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