I Support Malaysian Product: The Loaf Bakery, Malaysia

Hi guys. It has been awhile since my very last entry in this blog. Thanks to my mate Christopher for some of his article which mostly related about Chinese foods in town. So bare in mind, some of the postings in this blog consist of non-halal foods which is solely through his own experience. Well, I can consider this as a sharing blog between me and my mate. So, after this I will put an additional remark on top of my blog entry to stated if the food is halal or not. So please, don't misinterpret it because my blog readers are universal. 

Okay, for this time, I won't mumble so much since I just need to warm up myself. But I love highlight something here. With so many issues about boycotting the Isra-hell supporter's product, I in person don't really into the boycott things. First, I don't really enjoy McDonald burgers and Starbuck drinks are too sweet for me. What else? Nestle product... after reviewing items in my fridge, there are none of my cooking items with 'Nestle' tag. 

Why? I am truly support Malaysian product and this time I will share about one of the Malaysian product that i am truly supported. I love to have coffee at Tun Mahathir's The Loaf especially at the Avenue K outlet. I love the bun smell here and any bun with red bean filling will be my favorite. And recently i went to another outlet at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and to surprise me, they served foods... I mean, a real foods like Laksa, Prawn Mee, Siamese Noodle and many other local foods. So, let me stop here and share with you more photos from my previous moment in The Loaf Avenue K and The Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

I love Malaysia and I support Malaysia products. 

From Up left: News Letter about The Loaf by Malaysia former Prime Minister, Tun M, Up right: Prawn Noodle & Down right, my always choice of Cappuccino. The photos was taken when I met my client at The Loaf Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Me and my twin at The Loaf Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur


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