A Superb Tandoori Chicken with Nan Bread & Briyani Chicken Massala in Tampin, N9

It has been awhile since my last entry in this blog. I was so busy with my day and I don't have so much new things to share lately. But then, somewhere on last May, me and my mate was having a quick trip to Tampin District, Negeri Sembilan and discovered some cool stuffs here and there.

At first glance, maybe there are not so much things to shout about foods in Tampin. But if you take a good look here and there, you will definitely find the one. Our first 'makan' place in Tampin was at this Restaurant Nasi Kandar Impian. Located at Tampin Square, this restaurant probably the only Nasi Kandar restaurant in town. 

After seeing to the board at the restaurant entrance, we assumed that the Roti Nan and Briyani Rice. So, without any hesitation, we order a serving of Roti Nan with Tandori Chicken and also Briyani Rice with Massala Chicken (actually I need to double check if the name is Massala) on the side. 

To surprise us, our roti nan is one time bigger than our regular roti nan that we usually get in KL. To add more, the Tandori chicken on the side was in huge portion and it taste really good. In some places, Tandori chicken can be too dry and it can be so hard when its already cool. But the Tandori chicken here is very juicy and easy to bite it. I love the smell and seems like they use less colouring for the chicken. I would say, this is the best Tandori Chicken in my life. 

How about my Briyani rice? Maybe the Briyani rice is just like in other places. I love it not too dry and not too wet. The Chicken Massala that we ordered was a recommendation from the restaurant worker. Its perfectly compliment the Briyani rice and of course, this two meals make us very eager to explore other interesting foods in Tampin.

Last but not least, we only spend about RM13.50 for a big serving of Nan Bread with huge portion of Tandori Chicken, Briyani Rice with super delicioys Massalam Chicken and 2 glasses of ice tea. If people ask us about where to eat in Tampin, I am not shame to recommend this place. If you are at the main road of Gemas - Alor Gajah, keep finding this Nasi Kandar Impian at the left side of the Tampin Square. 


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