A Start Visit to Gudwara Sahib, Tampin, Negeri Sembilan

I normally familiar with Chinese and Indian temple in Malaysia, but not for Sikh temple. So, during my last town visit in Tampin district of Negeri Sembilan, we went to this Gudwara Sahib which located nearby the four junction of Jalan Gemas - Tampin and road to Rembau district.

This temple is in light pink colour with two big horse statues nearby the temple entrance. According to an old man here, the temple was built over 60 years ago and it was originally a wooden temple. It was built a little upfront from the current location of the temple. Then, with a small fund from the Malaysia government and majority fund from local and abroad Sikh community, they managed to re-build this temple on 1967.

This temple is consisted of two floors which is the ground floor is a dining hall and up floor is a prayer hall. This temple also have a lift on a side specially for disable or old people. The old man add that, this Sikh temple is not only for Tampin people, but also attracted the religion followers from nearby Gemas district as well as people from Rembau district.

Maybe nothing much to say about this place, but I think this is one of the local attraction which should be maintained as a historical traits. Fifthteen minutes talking with this uncle wass very meaningful for me. He flashed back the story about why he decided to move to Tampin after many years working with Lembaga Tenaga in Johor (now known as TNB Berhad) and currently, he is in his very healthy 81 years of age. Hope uncle will always have a good health and be happy through out his old age. 


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