Mee Goreng Sotong, Squid Fried Noodle at Burmah Road, Penang

My first time heard about Mee Goreng Sotong (Squid Fried Noodle) was few weeks ago when my Facebook friend, Liliana bought this noodle for her husband while outstation to the Pearl of Orient, Penang.

Ok, at first we supposed to go to the one at Bangkok Lane, but then it was close and we decided to see what were the nearby restaurants offer. Finally, we stopped to a restaurant at the corner of Moulmein Road and Burmah Road.

The cook is a India (I assumed she is a Muslim)  women with a very basic preparation at her cooking station. While waiting for our Mee Goreng Sotong ready, we were curious about the taste of the famous dishes. And nah! our Mee Goreng Sotong look like other Mee Goreng Mamak in town, that is our first impression when it delivered to our table. Only then, we start to taste the tenderness or the squid which very well blend with the fried noodle really gave us a different taste. 

RM4.50 for normal portion and RM5.50 per serving for Mee Goreng with extra squid. This Mee Goreng Sotong is really cheap and one of my favorite. My next visit, is to hunt for another Mee Goreng Sotong which supposed to be at Bangkok Lane. 


  1. mee goreng sotong ni famous kalau tak silap. but i sendiri pun tak pernah rasa lagi :)

    1. Yup. Tak sure kalau yg ni betul2 yg famous.
      Tapi memang sedap. Sotong dia memang lembut, tak kental mcm plastic pun.


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