An After-noon at Famosa Chicken Rice Ball, Jonker Walk, Melaka

My recent trip to Malacca was really fun. Even the weather was really hot and humid, we managed to snap a lot of nice photos especially at temple and shops along the Jonker Walk. After few hours burning ourselves and sneaking hear and there, we finally end up our photography trip by having lunch at Famosa  Chicken Rice Ball restaurant.

Unlike other places, the chicken rice here they make it round like a ping pong ball size and it's hot. So, I don't dare to swallow it all at once. During our visit, the restaurant was really full with hungry customers, local and travellers. The restaurant was comprised of 2 floors and the wall painted in red colour which is look very historical and unique. 

Menu in hand, so we ordered 10 pieces of rice balls, 1/4 part of roasted chicken, cabbage cooked with Tomyam flavour and 2 bowls of Cendol. Besides, there are many other dishes and sweet beverages for you to choose as well.

The different between this chicken rice ball with other kind of chicken rice in Malaysia, it is not coming with soup on the side. Correct me if I am wrong, because I think, I need to order soup on the side which is not free in order to complete my lunch course.

My self rating my food, this is something different and I need to try chicken rice ball from other places before doing any comparison. Anyhow, the roasted chicken is quiet nice, but I can't eat the cabbage with tomyam flavour (my mate finished it all). The Cendol, I have no idea why it's a little bit bitter which it suppose to be sweet. 

Spending total RM29.00 for the whole course in Melaka, it's a bit pricey for local people which mean RM14.50 per person. Will I come back here, I think "No" as I prefer to try chicken rice ball from other restaurant in Malacca. 


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