Sunset Moment at Pantai Morib, Banting

I heard about Pantai Morib or Morib beach since my young age when the Anak-Anak Sidek cartoon was very popular on TV back 20 years ago. We went there on last Saturday for an unplanned gateway as well as to catch for the sunset moment.

We just waze for the location and this Morib Beach was an hour driving from our house in Puchong Jaya via LDP and SKVE highway. After exiting the highway at Teluk Panglima Garang Exit, you will pass thru a 2 lanes federal road and passing by local villages before arriving to Morib area.

At first, we turned to Morib public beach which is very crowded and hard to find car parking. So I decided to re-route our journey to Gold Coast Morib and that is truly the best decision ever. Easy parking, very private (less people on that time) plus the sunset view here was truly stunning.

After spending almost 1.5 hours appreciating the sunset moment, we walked to the beach restaurant at the Gold Cast Morib for dinner. Very cliche but its okay. We ordered a Premium Steamboat for 2 person at price RM52.70 (around this price as I couldn't recall the exact price). It was a comfortable and cosy dinner with soft music, high tropical style ceiling and open air ambiance here.

I will definitely come again to here for more sunset and quick escape from my busy routine back home.

How to find this place, simply Waze for Gold Coast Morib. 


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