No.1 Adam Nasi Lemak, Adam Food Centre, Singapore

Going to Singapore and hungry for authentic Malay breakfast? The place that I want to recommend to you if one of the kind. On my recent working trip to Singapore, I took the first flight to Singapore from KL and this is just a perfect timing for me to enjoy my local breakfast here.

After settle everything at Changi Airport, I straight away took the MRT heading to the Botanic Garden Station. The place name is Adam Food Centre and it is located just a walking distance from the Botanic Garden MRT station.

This time, I would like to zoom at No.1 Adam Nasi Lemak at this food centre. Some say this is one of the best nasi lemak in town and to see people are queuing for their serving of nasi lemak might prove that my assumption is right.

So, for today I decided to try out their Sutra Nasi Lemak with price $4.50. The nasi lemak is consisted of sambal, fried chicken, otak-otak on the side, fried anchovies, peanut and chunk of sausages. Maybe this kind serving is normal for some people, but for me, I love the texture of this nasi lemak. It is rich with the taste of coconut milk and perhaps they are using the long grain basmati rice.

If having nasi lemak is not your preference, perhaps you can enjoy other foods at this food court such as Mee Rebus, Fried Rice and various choices of Chinese noodles that I will share with you on my next blog posting. 


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