Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Prostitution Area of "Gang Dolly" Surabaya, Indonesia

Have you ever heard about Gang Dolly in Surabaya? It is a “red light District” which is located in Jarak District of Surabaya, North Java, Indonesia. At this area, women are displayed in a aquarium in front of shops, just like in some Red District area in western countries.

Some said the Gang Dolly area is the biggest in South East Asia, even bigger than Patpong in Thailand and Geylang in Singapore. It used to be a controversy among the Indonesian when the government planned to include the district as a tourism attraction for foreigner tourist in Surabaya.

Historically, Gang Dolly existed since the Dutch’s era in Indonesia by a Dutch lady, Dolly Van Der Mart. During early time, Madam Dolly was preparing some girls to work as a commercial sex worker especially to serve the lust of the Dutch armies. But then, most of the armies come back to Dolly’s place because of addicted to the service given by those prostitutes and the Gang Dolly became famous, not only by the Dutch armies, but also the local people and traders in Surabaya.

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Walking in Gang Dolly area will bring you a different experience especially at early evening. Other than seeing the beautiful women in the aquarium, the housekeeper will show you their displayed products (the prostitutes) and the price are varies.

In terms of price, normally a young prostitute (18 to 23 years old) will cost you around Rp 150,000 and normally this commercial sex worker will sit on the chair among them in the aquarium and the housekeeper will approach to the passer-by customer for some “marketing” stuff.  Sometimes, there are customers who are asking for some discounts from Rp 150,000 to Rp 80,000. Normally, a prostitute at Rp80,000 are slightly old from 26 to 30 years old.

In some source said that, hot prostitute normally will get a very great demand from sex seekers and they probably will have about 7 to 10 guest in a night.

In a way, what is your comment about the prostitute at Gang Dolly? Do you look them as a dirty person or feel pity. Some of them choose to work here in Gang Dolly, just to support their family who live in poverty at countryside.